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How refreshing! Some reasoned logic rather than scaremongering.


How refreshing! Some reasoned logic rather than scaremongering.

I recently read an article on one of the RFID forums rationalising the supposed threat of devices which allegedly are being used to scan your debit & credit as you meaner down the High Street or commute to work and from work.

To cut to the chase the article concludes that whilst this may be an element of this, most convictions relate to the theft of cards and the thief using it as much as possible for tap & go limited transactions before the user discovers their lost, reports it and get the card blocked

Having worked with RFID media for 20 years now I have seen a few scams & much scaremongering over the years.

About 3 years ago I attended the annual Trade Only Show in Coventry, U.K.

The exhibitors at this event essentially support the corporate gift market & prospective clients wonder around to see what’s hot and what’s not for the forthcoming season.

Amongst the plethora of pens, bags, diaries USB stick & office gizmo’s I came across a vendor selling the familiar credit card protector sleeves which were initially designed to shield debit and credit cards used for cashless payment. A cheap and ideal corporate gift if ever there was one.

The idea is that you place your debit & credit cards inside them and they cannot be erroneously read. As far as they go they do in fact fulfil this function albeit rather fiddly at the checkout or ATM!

Tip: Just put the card sleeve nearest outer side/s of your wallet or purse and place you cards on the inside of them rather than inside them as such.

You will get the same level of protection without having to extract and re-insert them every time into the sleeve & not hold up other people at the ATM or cashier.

Indeed this is potentially where the opportunist thief my strike & steal your card whilst you’re fumbling around with your card and sleeve!

Pre-lined blocker wallets are an extension of this principal albeit very expensive.

Mean-while, back at the Scam…….

This same vendor had ingeniously expanded the concept of card sleeves to protect the new RFID enabled passports with a larger carbon lined sleeve.

More-over he was able to “demonstrate” how they could be read with his own mobile phone! & true to form, he read his own passport, which revealed all his details including his photographic image to prospective buyers. A fairly conclusive demo one would imagine.

Needless to say, he was doing a roaring trade and he was taking orders left, right & centre & initially even I was briefly impressed as far as the conjuring act was concerned.

I applied some logic and asked myself  how can this be when all cash card and indeed passports use secure chip technology, complex algorithms & more?

It dawned upon me from my dealings with NFC (near field communication) & the abundance of NFC enabled mobile phones recent years & this is indeed was where the answer lay.

Ironically whilst these have essentially been developed to supersede debit & credit card and indeed the like of the Oyster card for “tap and pay” & they were by definition using the same ISO protocol ISO14443a but are also are able to read ISO15639 – which is a similar the standard as used in UK passports.

By using some of the free apps you can download, it very easily to access an image that you have previously taken, associated it with the tag UID on the passport, host the image there on the cloud & hey presto – upon scanning your phone to the passport it will replicate the image you took in advance!

BEWARE: Do to attempt to do this as you may well disable the functionality of your current passport!



IOc LBF 17 final draft


CLC(UK)Ltd. are pleased to announce that they have gained compliance certification from the BPIF (British Print Industries Federation) via Prismm Environmental under the Zero Labels 2 Landfill  scheme.

Long awaited and very much welcomed, our friends at Apple have finally opened up the NFC functionality of their mobile phones from just cashless payment & pass-book, to enable them to read & write to NFC media; which we fabricate here in the U.K.

NFC Apple

This situation is undoubtedly going to open up further opportunities, given that it has conceivably been a something of a stumbling block to adoption in the past when only Android could perform this function.

It is reported that the iOS 11 up-date due in the Autumn 2017, will indeed be able to read NFC chipsets.

For more details please feel free to contact to discuss, demonstrate and the odd sample or two

CLC(UK)Ltd – installs Focus e-Flex 330 full servo press.

CLC(UK)Ltd, based in Loughborough UK, has taken delivery of an eFLEX 330 full servo flexo press, manufactured by Focus Label Machinery Ltd. 

As well as the traditional narrow web products such as labels, tickets, roll etc; across several different market sectors. CLC have successfully developed into Smart media. 

The decision to invest in the new press was taken in order to facilitate greater efficiency for existing product lines especially their growing market for integrated passive RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC(near field communication) and EAS (electrical article surveillance) This enables CLC to produce multi-feed across the web and the investment also to provides a new platform for expansion into new market areas.

The e-Flex is a fully servo driven, in-line modular press supplied with print widths of 330mm, 430mm & 510mm. Several different drying systems are available, including full UV, LED,  Infra-Red – or combination drying systems, with optional chill rolls for heat sensitive substrates. The press frame has been designed to accommodate various dryer combinations, whilst still maintaining the shortest possible web path.  

Servo driven print cylinders and impression rolls enable point to point pre-register set up and full auto-register, resulting in quicker set up times, precise print registration and reduced material wastage across a range of substrates. Bearer rings are incorporated into the print cylinder assembly, to 

guarantee accurate print impression settings, regardless of substrate.

As well as flexo print heads, the print module has been designed to accommodate a monochrome or full colour digital inkjet system, for short run & variable data requirements.

A rail system is mounted along the top of the press, to allow optional overhead press equipment to be easily transported to the required position. Options such as turn-bar, delam-relam, cold foil, laminating, waste rewind turret, scanner systems, etc – can all be rail-mounted. 

 Mr Paul Simmons of CLC explained.. ‘We like the open architecture design of the print stations. This enables easy loading of ink cartridges and print cylinders, so that interchangeable print cartridges can be partially or fully unloaded or exchanged, in order to minimise downtime.  The print cartridge assemblies can be cleaned off press, allowing our operator to maintain uninterrupted production.’

Mr Simmons continued…‘we looked at a number of options, before deciding on the e-Flex. This press ticked all the boxes for us and we were impressed by the ease of operation and the accurate print registration – even through rapid speed changes.   Not only does the e-Flex serve our present requirements, but the modular design will allow us to add further optional equipment if required in the future. Focus have been very helpful & professional, listening to our particular requirements and providing tailored solutions.’   

David Lee of Focus Label Machinery commented ‘the e-Flex platform provides the possibility for stepped specification levels, according to client requirements and budget – but with built in essentials, such as high speed job changes, automated set ups and increased efficiency

For more details of FOCUS equipment, visit:

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CLC(UK)Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now members of the AIPIA

(Active & Intelligent Packing Industry Association).

It is envisaged that our membership with help to raise awareness of our activity with passive RFID over the last 18 years.

For more information please contact:

Forthcoming events:

AIPIA World Congress

November 14/15th In Amsterdam

For further details please see

Courtesy of NXP


Stats IOS Android

CLC(UK)Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now officially recognised as a Mifare Partner.


So for all your NFC (near field communication) media requirements you may be assured of the best quality chip-sets available.